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Writing Thoughts

What I learned this week through writing

By May 11, 2013No Comments

– You cannot catch a Greyhound bus in Madison, Indiana. You cannot catch a Greyhound bus anywhere that is even close to Madison, Indiana. However, to catch a Greyhound bus in Corydon, Indiana, you need to go to the Burger King. In Spencer, Indiana, go to Babb’s SuperValue.

– In baseball, the first basemen generally doesn’t look to see what the pitch is going to be. The central infielders might–the second basemen and the short stop. The first basemen can’t always see the signal from his catcher, because the catcher’s knee gets in the way. The first basemen watches the dugout to signal a shift. Otherwise, he mostly watches the batter if no one’s on base.

Ken Griffey, Jr.– On April 2, 2003, Ken Griffey, Jr. hit a home run in The Great American Ballpark in the third inning off of Kip Wells into left field. The Reds lost the game, the second in the series, to the Pirates.

– I cannot watch baseball without thinking about my dad.

– In today’s fast-paced world, it is possible for your novel to be rejected in just an hour and fifteen minutes.

– You will survive just fine your novel being rejected in an hour and fifteen minutes. Life goes on and there are more stories to be told than you will possibly live long enough to write.

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