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Top Ten Tuesday: Things Bookish

By June 29, 20113 Comments

This week’s Top Ten hosted by The Broke and the Bookish asks for your top bookish websites, organziations, apps, etc.  You can participate in the Top Ten Tuesday by following this link.

1.  Gnook.  I decided to write my own list because I hadn’t seen gnook show up on a list yet, and it’s a cool site.  Kind of like What Should I Read Next, but you with maps!  You enter in the name of a writer, and gnook creates a spacial map of writers who are like her or him.  The farther away the writer is, the less related they are, all based on the gnod engine, which is some artifical intelligence doo-hickey that gathers information on how writers relate to each other.  You can also do this for movies and music.

2.  Goodreads.  I joined Goodreads because I was having trouble remembering what I’d read and what I hadn’t read, and to be able to see what all my friends were reading.  I don’t have a whole lot of friends, but it comes in very handy as an organizational tool.

3.  Book Blogs.  Book Blogs is an online forum which you join.  It’s a good way to publicize your blog, to network, and to see what folks out there in the book blogosphere are reading.

4.  Google Books.  I haven’t entered the e-reader world…yet.  I’ve been spending more and more time around people with i-Pads, and the temptation is growing.  Not so much for the e-book possibilities, but for all the music-related apps Apple has available.  And because the i-Pads are just cool.  But especially when I’m looking for a paricular quote from a book I don’t own, or sometimes even one I do, Google Books can come in handy for helping you find exactly where the quotation comes from, down to the exact page number.   

5. Lulu.  I haven’t explore this site a great deal, but came across it in The Happiness Project.  You can, for a fee, of course, publish your own book here.  You can’t get much more bookish than that.

6.  I’ve mentioned this site before, and it’s maybe more writerly than bookish, but still pretty cool.  You sign up and write 750 words each day.  Your words are completely private, but it’s a kind of group endeavor in that you can join pledges to write 750 words every day for a month.  And you get little animal badges for writing successively for so many days.  And after each writing session, there’s an analysis of your writing for the day…the topics, whether it was introverted or extroverted, past, present or future oriented.  A fun site all in all.


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