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Top Ten Tuesday: Fall books

By August 30, 2011No Comments

I’m writing this post sacked out on our living room couch after two days of not yet classes, but not actually my sabbatical anymore either.  It’s like I’m in purgatory.  I won’t say which way I’m headed, but I am thinking about actually having a funeral ceremony for my sabbatical.  Would that be too weird?

I have just enough energy for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday from the good folks at The Broke and the Bookish.  This week it’s the top ten books on your fall TBR list.  You can play along at The Broke and the Bookish.
Let me just say that I’m not particularly attuned to new books that will be coming out in the fall.  All I can give you are the books that I’m hoping to read soon, given that soon I will have much less time for reading (I’m working on making that sound less bitter).

1.  One Was a Soldier, by Juliet Spencer-Fleming.  My local library has a copy of this book, but someone has it checked out and has not returned it.  Please, please, bring it back soon.  I must know what happens to Claire and Russ.
2. The Red Glove, by Holly Black.  This is the second in the Curse Workers series that Holly Black is writing.  The first book, White Cat, was very nicely written.  Also waiting for a copy from my local library.

3.  Journal of  a UFO Investigator, by David Halperin.  Also waiting for a copy.  Can you see a theme developing?  I don’t know where I heard about this book…somewhere out there in the book blogosphere, but it sounded interesting.

4.  Shakespeare’s Kitchen:  Stories, Lore Segal.  I’m realizing right now how pathetic my list is going to be.  Lots of books I want to read.  I no longer remember why.

5.  The Art of Fielding, by Chad Harbach.  This one I remember because Emily at As the Crowe Flies (And Reads!) reviewed it.  And it’s actually a new book.  And it involves baseball.  My memory sometimes gets better when sports are involved, though this seems to operate at a kind of subconscious level, like the name of linebackers in the NFL can only be accessed by not trying to remember.

6.  The World as I Found It or Disaster Was My God, both by Bruce Duffy.  Maybe I’ll read one of these.  The first is a novel based on the life of Wittgenstein.  The second is a novel based on the life of the poet Arthur Rimbaud.  I just read a piece in The New Yorker which made it sound interesting, but sometimes it’s better just to read The New Yorker article and be done with it.

7.  Something else by Dickens.  Also inspired by The New Yorker.  This time an article about Dickens’ camp.  I think I’ve only ever read A Tale of Two Cities and A Christmas Carol, and I know this is deeply shameful.
8.  Wilderness Plots, by Scott Russell Sanders.  This is a collection of very short stories or vignettes written by Indiana author Scott Russell Sanders based on accounts of Indiana’s early settlers.  Then Indiana musicians wrote songs about some of the stories, and the show is coming back to Madison in two weeks at our lovely Ohio Theatre.  I’ve heard Carrie Newcomer’s song, “One Woman and a Shovel,” which is just gorgeous.  I’m looking forward to the show, and hoping to dive into the book beforehand, which is available locally at Village Lights Bookstore
That’s all I’ve got.  I’m tapped out at 8.
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