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This is a test

By February 21, 2015One Comment
A tentative stack of books

A tentative stack of books

This is a test of whether I can write blog posts on my iPad. I’m leaving for Key West Monday morning (assuming it stops snowing/icing/freezing long enough for that to happen). I was thinking I want to blog from Key West, because that seems right, doesn’t it? In Key West a writer should write, though maybe Hemingway didn’t actually write in Key West. Maybe he just hung out with cats.

At any rate, there are packing issues that mostly concern creating enough room for books. The right books. You don’t want to take a dud. Nothing worse than being stuck next to the pool in the sunshine with an unreadable book. And enough books. You don’t want to run out, either. If I don’t have to take my computer, there’s room for more books. (Yes, I know I can download books on my iPad and if things get desperate, I will. But really, I want to read books, the physical-type things with pages that if they’ve earned it, will sit on my shelves after.)

So, can I blog from my iPad with a keyboard attached? It appears the answer might be yes. Now, let’s just hope it stops snowing.


One Comment

  • I soooo get that! I always have a couple of books even when I don’t think I need them! I mean, what if I feel like something light and then actually want something thought-provoking? 🙂

    Have fun on your vaca!

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