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The sweet convergence of beer and poetry

By April 7, 2015No Comments

Folks, it is both Day 7 of National Poetry Month and National Beer Day! The stars are truly aligned.

I wrote a poem about beer once, but I can only remember the first stanza. Could that be, in an ironic twist, due to the brain cells I lost from drinking beer? Who cares? It was worth every moment.

Here’s what I do remember of that poem:

Shiner Bock, earthy bottle
Brown and brown and yellow red
Ooh, I love the taste of you.

IMG_1297Yeah, it’s probably for the best that I don’t remember the rest of it. Thank you, beer! I wrote it after a weekend at a women’s studies conference in Furman, South Carolina, so I think the rest of it was about a girl I had a crush on. I feel certain the poem didn’t get any better than that.

I tried to find a better beer poem, but there is a sad lack of good poetry about beer. Someone should work on that. Not me. I’m off to celebrate National Beer Day.

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