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Sunday Salon: Followers and fiddling

By September 25, 2011No Comments

The Sunday

It’s Chautauqua weekend in Madison, and this afternoon is your last chance to hit the streets and buy some exciting stuff. Look for my own Chautauqua post on Madison Monday, but I will tell you now that exciting yarn was purchased.

This week You Think Too Much finally hit the 100 follower mark. I have mixed feelings about the quest for followers. I think everyone in the blogging world probably wants to know that someone’s reading their blog. If you didn’t, you’d just keep a journal. So I love, love, love comments. Even if it’s people telling me I’m wrong. I don’t care. This week I also received my first, hmm…fan mail…for my sociology of gender textbook. No one was telling me how much they loved my book, but I didn’t particularly care. Someone had read it and then taken the trouble to e-mail me. Yee-ha! That’s exciting.

It seems a lot of folks in the blogging world collect followers kind of like a mad, year-round Easter egg hunt. Or a bizarre popularity contest. I think there are probably things I could do to get more followers, but what I mostly want is readers. And those two things aren’t always the same. On a low-tech note, last weekend two people who were neither family members nor close friends told me that they read my blog. One of them even professed to enjoying it. That’s probably more exciting to me than hitting 100 followers, but both are cause for some rejoicing.

And cause for the giving away of some stuff, which I promised way back in May. The winner of my 100 follower giveaway is Tracy from Tracy’s Treasure of Books. Congrats, Tracy.

This Friday also marked my second busking adventure with my fiddle on the streets of Madison. In conjunction with Madison’s Fourth Friday Art and Shop Hop, and the first annual South of Main Alley festival, I entertained passerbys and friends outside the Eco-Massage on West St. “Entertained” might be ambitious. I played my fiddle. There was some clapping. An elderly man stopped and asked me if I knew any country music, and I played some June Carter for him. A little boy told me I sounded “beautiful” and dropped twenty cents in my fiddle case. I played a “Old Susanna!” duet with a one year old on the banjo. I earned a total of about $6, $2 of it mine, and possibly $2 belonging to my stepdaughter. Nonetheless, great fun was had.

Tuesday night is the first Irish music session at the Electric Lady in Madison, and though I can’t really tell you which of the songs I play are Irish, I’ll be there all the same.

As you read this post, I’ll be in Cincinnati, at Paul Brown Stadium with the husband, capping off the weekend with the spectacle that is NFL football. I hope we win, but more importantly, that it doesn’t rain.

Happy Sunday, folks, and thanks for reading.

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