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Mindful Thoughts

Something amazing is going to happen today

By July 31, 2013No Comments

Something amazing is going to happen today. I’m not sure what it is. I don’t know exactly when it will take place. I just know it will happen, and that’s enough.

I started telling myself this a few weeks ago. As I got out of bed in the morning I would say to myself, “Something amazing is going to happen today.”

In the beginning, my definition of the amazing thing was predictably narrow. You’re going to win the lottery. Someone is going to want to publish your novel right now and it’s going to leap to the top of the bestseller list overnight. You’ll win a MacArthur genius grant. That kind of amazing.

birds on a wireThat kind of amazing is dangerous. Maybe I will win the lottery someday (I would have to actually buy a ticket first). I believe that if I keep at it, someday I’ll publish a novel; not tomorrow, though. I’m not sure about the MacArthur genius thing. But if this is my only definition of amazing, I’m going to be disappointed. No one leads that kind of life. At least, I don’t think anyone leads that kind of life, and if they do, I probably don’t want to hear about it.

Something amazing will happen every day. That is a certainty. The tricky part is whether or not you’re going to pay attention.

The amazing thing could be that your heart continues to beat. It could be that your son or daughter gives you an especially long, tight hug. It could be the little birds lined up across the power line. It could be that you get to crawl into bed at night with the love of your life.

It could be anything, but something amazing is going to happen to you. Are you watching? Did you see it?

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