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Mindful Thoughts

Some amazing things

By August 8, 2013No Comments

Last week I wrote a post about the amazing thing that happens every day. People seemed to like it. I decided to start writing down the amazing things that happened to me every day. There’s almost always more than one. It occurred to me that I might share some of them, just in case anyone out there is skeptical.


Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) was not in their normal pick-up spot within walking distance of our house on Tuesday evening. I was headed back home to get the car and drive to the alternate location when a mini-van stopped in the street beside me. “Do you belong to the CSA?” the woman inside yelled. “Do you know where the pick-up is today?” She recognized the yellow, reusable bag in my hand which we trade in each week for our fruits and veggies.

photo (23)“Yes,” I answered.

“Do you want a ride?”


I’m not in the Wal-Mart parking lot very often and it’s never pleasant when I am. On Wednesday, I was in a flustered hurry. I pulled out of my parking spot and hit a car coming down the row with a soft thud.

The older man I hit got out of his car and took a look at the damage. “This’ll rub off,” he said. “What do you say we just forget about it?” So we did.


I needed eggs and my normal supplier wasn’t available. On the way to Berry Best Farms, I passed a sign for fresh eggs and pulled in.

“Oh, I’m all out,” the man in the cowboy hat said. “If you wait a minute, I can find some more in the coop right now.”

He could only find 7, which was all I really needed, but he gave them to me for free.

What amazing things have happened to you lately?

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