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Six Signs of Spring: I give up

By March 15, 20132 Comments

This is what spring looks like, in case you’ve forgotten

After a week of feeling severely jet-lagged from Daylight Savings Time without the actual benefit of having actually traveled anywhere, I officially surrender.  I can think of no more signs of spring.  I thought about “sun,” but it’s not shining today. Maybe “sixties,” as in temperatures in that range, but that’s not going to happen either.  “Sweat.”  Remember sweat?  Remember what it felt like to be warm enough to actually perspire?  “Sneezes” as in the return of seasonal allergies, but that just seems too depressing.

I thought about birds.  I know robins don’t migrate, but I did see some red-winged blackbirds.  Maybe they’re back for spring? Nope.  Mockingbirds? No, not them either.  Chimney swifts? We have a whole colony of those that live in the chimney next door. They do head south in the winter, but they’re not back yet.

So, I give up. The first day of spring is just 5 days away but I, personally, am not feeling it.  At least it’s Friday.

Any ideas out there for my sixth Sign of Spring?  Please, give us some hope…


  • Robyn,
    I have to write a blog about spring in the U.P., but have been too sick with a cold to write anything, or care what season it is, and etc. But it might cheer you up a tiny bit to know that a major sign of spring are snowfalls that are very wet and heavy. Deep snow rotting in the yards and paths, so that you break through rather than crossing the top. Some tiny black dot creature I call a snow flea being out in force on sunny afternoons, miniature pinpricks against the snow. Longer days (often longer grey days). Bitter cold windy days when you sit bundled up on the step in snowpants and park and fur hat, huddled into yourself and think, “Welcome Spring,” in a somewhat flat way.

    • Robyn Ryle says:

      Yikes! Snow fleas. That seems very wrong to have snow and fleas at the same time. That is just what I have felt like this week…”huddled into yourself and thinking, ‘Welcome Spring,’ in a somewhat flat way.” I want to open windows and feel warm.

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