Below is the query letter that successfully landed me my agent for the book that eventually became SHE/HE/THEY/ME: AN INTERACTIVE GUIDE TO THE GENDER BINARY


Dear Agent,

We met briefly at Midwest Writers Workshop in Muncie last summer, where you critiqued my query letter for a different project (thanks again for the help). I saw on Twitter today with the MSWL hashtag that you’re looking for non-fiction for kids and teens, so I thought you might be interested in GENDER: A-CHOOSE-YOUR-OWN-ADVENTURE.

GENDER: A-CHOOSE-YOUR-OWN ADVENTURE  is a 60,000-word nonfiction book for a generation of young adults who are more curious than ever about gender and sexuality. It’s a book for young people coming of age in a time when the need for reliable and well-researched information about gender and sexuality has never been more important. GENDER: A-CHOOSE-YOUR-OWN ADVENTURE is a book that brings the complex view of gender that’s taken for granted in college courses to an audience beyond the university gates.

Gender, sexuality and feminism are hot topics in youth culture and the publishing world. While there are a lot of books that tackle these subjects, fewer of them are aimed specifically at a young adult audience. Among the handful that are, none use an interactive style paired with interesting and useful information from a social science perspective geared toward young adults with pressing questions about the role of gender in their lives.

The book will draw on my fifteen years of experience in the college classroom making gender from a social science perspective interesting and accessible to young adults. I am a Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Hanover College and I’ve written a successful sociology of gender textbook, Questioning Gender: A Sociological Exploration, now in its 3rd edition with SAGE Press. Beyond the world of academic publishing, I have essays and stories at Gawker, CALYX Journal, Little Fiction/Big Truths, Offbeat Families and Luna Luna Magazine, among others.

I have a detailed book proposal, outline, introduction and sample chapters available upon request. I’ve included the first ten pages below.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,

Robyn Ryle