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National Poetry Month: Day 9

By April 9, 2017One Comment

I always carry a little notebook of some sort with me. Sometimes they’re fancy. The one I have now is a Slytherin notebook a friend brought back from London. I write all kinds of things in them. Lists and phone numbers and random ideas. They make a very strange sort of diary when you go back to look at them later.


Notes Circa 2010

The library
Has a magazine called
Women and Guns

Whiskey River
Airbourne Farms

Snakes don’t die until sundown

Baptista Australis
Blue Indigo

Morning light on
Madison’s Main Street
Trees and shade

Detached deer antler
In the middle of the road

Old folks at the skate rink

Yarn needs
Bulky (for felted bowls)
Laceweight (superfine)
Lama’s Lace
Helen’s Lace (silk and wool)
Cotton/wool blend

The new mulch product

Look for book about barns

Pretty Sarah

Drive to North Vernon
Contact Neavill’s Grove
Contact Village Lights
Write letter to Aastik’s parents

Equal vinegar, sugar, water

Recycled bridge parts
Sculptures at the end of river streets

A story about a fiddle
With magic powers

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