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National Poetry Month: Day 7

By April 7, 20172 Comments

I’m kind of getting into this whole found poem thing. What if poetry is everywhere and we just haven’t been paying enough attention to hear it? This poem is taken from conversations at a senior art thesis defense, where students talk about and through their work with art professors, and sometimes lucky outsiders like me. So this is art made of conversations about art. Very meta.

Art Defense

Many different ways
Hope within itself
A possibility of excelling

Sigmund Freud
Cannot respect a woman who is sexual
In general

To visually communicate
Exploring conditions of dreams versus reality
What is fabrication
I want my audience to contemplate
The sense of space
This space that goes beyond the image

I made the frame myself
Unified in one frame
Exposure of raw wood

How each specifically touches on something
The snake being the serpent
In the second image
There’s a struggle here
Trying to protect something
There’s a very unnatural feeling here

I used cherries
A sharp and threatening object
What happens there
A sea of despair

The fairy tale aspect
It’s not very realistic
And moving forward
This dream that we want to attain

I see a continuity
Where light becomes important

You wanted them to be beautiful, right?

So they are a whisper?
More an investigation

Night and day
Hot and cold
These things are implied

Pretty windows that we’re looking through


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