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National Poetry Month: Day 15

By April 15, 2017One Comment

Thom Brennaman and Chris Welch, the Reds TV announcers, are no Vin Scully. But even these two can’t quite ruin the poetry in the language of a game being called.


Silky smooth

You’ve gotta love that.
That’s a double with style.
He had 1 and 11 last year.

And the Reds have the go-away run.
At third with Jose Peraza
Let’s check in downstairs

You can hit
Or bunt
It’s your choice

Get ‘em on
Get ‘em over
Get ‘em in

In a big situation right here
Nowhere near the strike zone
The go-ahead run

Has to duck underneath that line drive
I’d be thrilled to do that again
You know what I mean?
Oh, youth.

I’ll tell you one thing right now, though.
This is not going to get the run in.

Igelesias doesn’t run, he glides
I mean, just silky smooth.


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