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National Poetry Month: Day 11

By April 11, 2017No Comments

These are found poems from the back of baseball cards. Specifically, those from the 1966 season and picked at random. Well, okay, not completely at random. My team (Reds), my partner’s team (Braves), the team I like the least (Cubs–yeah, suck it, I don’t care) and the team whose park we visited last summer (Cardinals).


Lou Brock

The Rocket came to
The Redbirds the fastest man
On the Cardinal squad

Ron Santo

Shattered records
30 homers. 114 RBIs.
All-time Cub
Game’s great ones.



Mel Queen

The young blessed
Strongest arms
Came up an outfielder
Future on the mound
Short relief stints

Felipe Alou

One of 3 Alous
Felipe champion 1956


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