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Madison Monday

Madison Monday: Winning winter

By February 10, 20143 Comments
What is this? An ice monster?

What is this? An ice monster?

It was about this time last year that I instituted my Week of Winter Walking in order to survive into spring. This winter makes last winter look like a small ball of fluff you might pick off your coat. Like a single drop of rain falling out of a blue sky. Like the slight chill you might get after standing in front of the fridge for too long. This winter makes last winter look like nothing, is what I’m trying to say.

This winter, it’s all about winning. We are engaged in an epic battle against the forces of nature and to win is merely to survive with your sanity and your ability to enjoy the world intact. So yesterday I went for a walk, even though it was cold and still so slippery as to be putting your life in danger staying on the sidewalks.

Hoping this will look very different in three months

Hoping this will look very different in three months

There were some strange things to be seen out there, mostly of the icy variety. I’m guessing the icicles that appeared to be growing up out of the ground were formed by dripping water? I have no idea. I know they were strange and unearthly and generally confirmed my sense that things are not right in the world when it gets this cold in Indiana.

I didn’t have a specific destination for my walk, and there was only so long I could manage to handle the cold. But I did end up at Bicentennial Park, where I comforted myself with the thought that in about three months, I’d be standing here without a coat, listening to The Black Lillies. Even a winter this brutal doesn’t have the power to keep spring and the RiverRoots festival from coming in May. If I win winter, I’ll see you there.


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