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Madison Monday: The List, 2018

By February 5, 20182 Comments

I looked back through old Madison Monday posts this afternoon, trying to find some ideas for what to write about. There are a surprising number of posts with ‘winter’ or ‘snow’ or ‘cold’ in the title. I can only presume this is because being mostly forced to stay indoors in the winter, I spend more time writing blog posts. In the summer, I’m too busy gardening. Or maybe blogging is my way to deal with surviving the long winter? At any rate, I’m resisting the urge to comment on the weather today (even though it really is very cold).

I was looking through old posts partly in order to find a list I made once. It was a list of things that I wished Madison had, made when I first moved downtown. Many of the things have long since been crossed off. A bookstore (Village Lights). A place to buy good wine and beer (Madison Apothecary). Others have been lost, like the best restaurant/food/beer/wine/community hang-out/great good place ever (The 605 Grille).

Some things on the list (as I remember it) are still missing. We have good Chinese restaurants (as the ever-reliable people at Hong Kong Kitchen) and Mexican restaurants (though it would be lovely to have one downtown). There’s also sushi.

But I know I’m not alone in wishing for an Indian restaurant in Madison. Or maybe, as much as it would horrify my husband, a Thai place.

I have no idea what this picture is, but it seems to capture how I feel about beer

I don’t remember if a brewery was on the list, but, of course, it should have been. Every single town in Indiana except Madison has a brewery. I’m not exaggerating. You can’t drive ten miles in our state without running into a brewery. That Madison still doesn’t have one is a mystery on par with the Bermuda triangle or Amelia Earhart. Maybe we are the Bermuda triangle of breweries?

The list I’d make now is fairly small, I have to confess. I buy my shoes in Madison (at Hertz, and they are oh-so-stylish). My candy (Cocoa Safari). Some, but not all produce (Datillo’s). My soap (Fountain Alley), my shampoo (Mane Attractions). Of course, my books and wine and beer and gin (lots and lots of gin). My coffee (The Red Roaster) and most of my unhealthy snacks (Dollar General). Our appliances (Greves) and much of our furniture and décor (Ditto’s and more recently, WOW What a Find!). I get my massage (from the world’s best massage therapist at EcoMassage).

I’m lucky enough to have a fairly flexible working life (super-flexible right now, as I’m on sabbatical), so I have the time to walk from place to place to do my shopping. And it’s a pleasant experience. I mean, tourists come here to shop at the places that I just take for granted.

What would be on your list for Madison? What is it we’re still missing?

P.S. I’m going to try opening up Madison Monday to guest posts as a little experiment. If you have a story or something you’d like to say, fill out the contact form here on the blog. Let me know your idea or send me a draft of your completed post pasted into the message.


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