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Madison Monday

Madison Monday: Odds and ends

By May 7, 2012No Comments

The American Queen docked in Madison
photo courtesy of
Madison, as you may have gathered by now, is a place with a lot of things going on.  It is also not always the most technologically savvy community, so many events may be searchable online somewhere, but many of them are not.  I probably find out about half the things going on in Madison because of fliers hung in the places I go, but a virtual wall of fliers would be nice.  Enter, a website and Facebook page that attempts to bring all the information about what’s happening in Madison together in one place.  Quite a feat, but it’s especially nice to like this page on Facebook and see on a day to day basis what’s new in Madison.

The American Queen
One of the things that’s new in Madison is the recent visits by the American Queen steamboat.  There’s nothing quite like a steamboat ride, as I can tell you from personal experience on the Belle of Louisville.  Owned by the Great American Steamboat Company, the American Queen came for a visit last Friday and then again today.  Folks were treated to horse and carriage rides through town, and there’s really nothing like hearing the sound of the calliope as the boat pulls away from shore.  The American Queen will be coming back to Madison four more times this year.

Painting of our house (and the church)
by Eric Phagan

Gallery 115
A few weekends ago, my husband and I strolled into this new gallery/cafe/home decor shop on Main St. and we walked out with a beautiful painting of our house.  Not everyone is so lucky as to have their house the subject of works of art (it helps to live next door to a scenic church spire), but if you live in Madison, you might find your house on the walls of Gallery 115.  This beautiful space has been lovingly renovated by Eric Phagan, the artist whose work is showcased in the building.  But there are also sandwiches, soup, coffee, tea and some delicious desserts in the back of the building.  Eventually, they’ll be a patio space and wine.  Check out this great addition to Main St.

Galena Garlic Company
Another new addition to Main St. is the Galena Garlic Company at 317 W. Main St.  This Madison store is their third location, the flagship store being in Galena, Illinois.  The store stocks a wide variety of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, spices, rubs and sea salts.  My husband and I bought some basil infused olive oil as well as some nice sesame oil.  It’s a great place to buy gifts for the foodie in your life.

Over the Rhine

River Roots Festival
It’s t-minus two weeks now until River Roots festival.  A tent has been procured.  Armbands are in hand.  I am quite excited about Hayes Carll, but also to hear Over the Rhine, a band which I should know better than I do, having grown up in the Cincinnati area.  The best thing about River Roots is the acts that unexpectedly blow you away.  Often it’s on Friday night (e.g. The Greencards) or in the middle of the day on Saturday (e.g. The Carolina Chocolate Drops).  But there you are, in your camp chair, pacing yourself through your next beer and chatting to friends, when suddenly, you hear this music.  You stop listening to your friends.  You may even forget about your beer (though that takes some damn good music).  And you find yourself saying, “Who is this?”  I predict this year that conversation stopping act might be Roosevelt Dime….or The Black Lillies…or The Band of Heathens.  Also, there’s the beautiful part where you walk four blocks at the end of the night to sleep in your own bed.

Those are some odds and ends from Madison this week.  If you’re interested in reading about college students and goats, check out the blog for our Food and Society spring term course over here.

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