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Madison Monday

Madison Monday: Greatest Hits

By March 20, 2012No Comments
Madison Chautauqua of the Arts

Madison Monday is over a year old!  The first Madison Monday post was in January of 2011, but that birthday just passed me right by.  So now seems like as good a time as any to celebrate over a year of Madison Monday and give what I think are some of the highlights…you be the judge.  Feel free to let me know which Madison Monday posts have been your favorites, or check out some you may have missed.  In over a year of writing about Madison I certainly haven’t come close to running out of things to say, which is a testament to the beauty of this town.  In April, I’ll be giving the closing keynote speech at the National Main Street Conference in Baltimore, and you can believe I’ll be talking about Madison, which was one of the pilot towns in the original Main Street Project by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1977.

Zombies at the JayC Store (January 3, 2011):  A sad post, looking back.  I still miss the JayC store.  And the zombies.
 All We Had Was Each Other: The Black Community of Madison, Indiana (January 17, 2011).  This is such a great book and the author, Don Wallis, passed away just recently.  It’s odd to say, but this book helped me love Madison, in the way that I find it easier to love things that are also flawed.  If they are flawed, you know they are also real.
The 605 Grille and the great good place (January 24, 2011). I still get a little teary thinking about mornings at the bar with my cappuccino at the 605 during sabbatical.  Mostly it’s the sabbatical I’m missing.  The 605 keeps me sane, and it’s not just the beer.  If the apocalypse comes, look for me here.

Our local art scene and lessons from a self-portrait (January 31, 2011).  You should check out this post just so you can see my attempt at a self-portrait…and the things I learned from trying to paint a self-portrait from a very good local art teacher.

Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise (February 28, 2011):  I could probably write a post almost every day about the river. I like this post for the actual barge footage at the end.  I know not everyone finds barges going by as fascinating as I do, but I think it’s very high on my own list of the perks of living in Madison.  Also, bonus points for a post which includes the word “placist.”
Spring has sprung (April 2, 2011):  I had to look this one up this weekend to verify that spring is, in fact, two weeks early this year.  The pictures you see of 2nd St.?  That’s exactly what it looks like now only it’s March 19th and not April 2nd.  Still beautiful, but also a bit eerie.
The Madison Coffee and Tea Company (April 11, 2011):  Eventually everyone in Madison ends up here.  Assume about 50% of my posts are written from here.
Sushi comes to Madison (April 19, 2011):  My celebration of Sakka Blue and all the things I can cross off my Madison wish-list.  Beer brewery can be crossed off now.  Still waiting on a place for yummy cheese and good bread.  I don’t care so much about beads, anymore.  A nicer restaurant on the river would also still be good.

Our lovely library (May 16, 2011):  My love song to our local library and to the whole concept of public libraries in general.

The 6th Annual Ohio River Valley Folk Festival (May 23, 2011):  The height of the spring and summer for us in Madison, now renamed the RiverRoots festival, though it’ll be hard for me not to continue calling it the folk festival.  This year’s headliner is Hayes Carll, so very excited and keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll get a tent again.

Broadway Fountain

I love our farmer’s market (July 26, 2011):  With this weather, we’ll have fresh fruits and vegetables for the farmer’s market in no time.  Art, music, food.  The perfect place in the summer.

All Good Things Soaps and Such (August 15, 2011):  I can’t say enough about this place…the perfect local business where you can feel good in every possible way about what you’re buying.  Also, it smells soooo good.

Shantyboat on the Ohio (September 12, 2011):  Who says small towns aren’t exciting places?  You never know who will show up floating down the river in Madison.  I just love the idea of a shantyboat.  I probably wouldn’t like actually being on a shantyboat as much, but it’s fun to see them.

Steamboat celebrations and more (October 17, 2011):  This was such a great event, a wonderful night, a perfect cruise down the Ohio River.  If you ever get a chance to cruise on a riverboat, do not turn it down!

Village Lights Bookstore (November 23, 2011):  My profile of the best community bookstore ever.  They just finished their Rock and Read Event to raise literacy awareness and donate books to The Clearinghouse.  Oh, if every town had such a bookstore, the world would be a better place.

A Year on Trail 3 (January 2, 2012):  Month #1 of my year on Trail 3.  I think things will look significantly different in March.

The Daryl R. Karns Natural History Trails at Hanover College (January 9, 2012):  A beautiful spot on campus for a wonderful person who will always be missed.

Yoga IN Madison (March 12, 2012):  A good yoga studio wasn’t on my list of things we need in Madison, but sometimes you don’t know exactly what it is you need until you have it.  When I go to yoga class here, I feel cared for and healed.  What else can you ask for in life?

There are a lot more Madison Monday’s that didn’t make my cut, but you can check them out by clicking here.  Or suggest your own favorites.  Or you own topics for future Madison Monday’s.

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