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Madison Monday: a reading

By August 11, 2014No Comments

bootsesThis Saturday I did my first ever public reading of my stories that have actually been published. It all happened because the lovely, effervescent, beautiful Leesa Cross-Smith asked me to read along with her at Village Lights Bookstore. I was honored to be her opening act, literarily speaking. The best part was, we both wore cowboy boots.

The great proprietors at Village Lights Bookstore had a lovely display of Leesa’s books in the window. I read a story which just that week got accepted at Bartleby Snopes (you can read it here and at the end of the month, vote for it to become their August story of the month) and a flash piece that was published by Cease, Cows. The longer story is one of the two favorite stories I’ve ever written and it’s a Madison story, so it was nice to be able to read it to fellow Madisonians.

For a first reading, it was great to be able to just walk around the block and read. It’s pretty hard for me to imagine doing this day after day on the road, but I know people do. I guess it would get easier.

Besides the cowboy boots, the best part was when one of the resident bookstore cats came padding across the floor in the middle of my story and meowed at my husband. I’m going to assume this was not a commentary on the quality of my writing.

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