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Key West, Wednesday

By February 25, 20152 Comments

Key West in the morning is a busy place. A noisy place. Street sweepers. Leaf blowers. Garbage trucks. Some huge utility vehicle whose purpose seems to be cleaning out the sewers. It is a place and places can be noisy. There are things to be done, even if the business is mostly for tourists. The business is us.

Ubiquitous chicken picture

Ubiquitous chicken picture

By 11 or so, the fog that rolls in at night is gone. The people emerge. Duval St. gets busy. A different kind of noise begins.

Then you might slip away from Duval to one of the side streets. Into a neighborhood. Some houses are painted bright colors in pristine condition. Some are barely standing upright, the wood worn gray. Some cement block apartments. You might wonder about a life spent waiting tables or cleaning hotel rooms in Key West. Would it be an endless adventure? Working hard and playing hard in paradise? Or would it just be hard?


  • Jenny Eggenspiller says:

    I’ve been watching your FB page all week Robyn! Key West is the place we plan to retire, and I can honestly say I’ve dreamt of waiting tables there. I’ve applied for multiple jobs with the Key West city government too! But my favorite dream of living in Key West has us owning our own little hole in the wall bar, and we call it Scrambled Eggs. After all, we’d have to be crazy to follow that dream, right? At any rate, thanks for helping me to imagine myself in my favorite city this week, and enjoy your stay!

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