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Random Thoughts

Key West, Thursday

By February 26, 2015No Comments

Some good things we’ve eaten (and drank) so far:

– Everything at 2 Cent, but especially the caramelized brussel sprouts with pecans and cranberries. Also, some roasted peppers in a balsamic reduction. Simple, but delicious. This is our second time here, both times at the bar, because we didn’t make a reservation. Next time, we will.

Fried okra and pickles at Firefly

Fried okra and pickles at Firefly

– All things fried at Firefly Southern Kitchen. Also, a drink called Heartbreaker with sparkling wine and muddled raspberries. This place may be news. It’s on Petronia. We ate on the balcony and had it pretty much to ourselves at 12:30. They serve brunch until 3 and we ordered three starters–fried okra, fried pickles and skillet mac and cheese. They were all delicious, especially  the pickles, which were almost like a tempura. In a tiny nod to healthiness, we ordered a pinot noir-soaked pear salad with blue cheese, walnuts and balsamic dressing. Good, but not as good as the pickles and okra.

The bar at Camille's

The bar at Camille’s and okra.


– Huevos rancheros  and the special omelette at Camille’s on Simonton. Funky decor. Music, like The Commodores, that made the husband happy. The special omelette was loaded with all kinds of fresh seafood. The huevos rancheros were simple and perfect.

– Beer and mojito at the Green Parrot Bar. Also off Duval, though not far off. Touristy, but I still love this place. The open air-ness of it. The weird, weird pictures. The general indifference of the bartender. The people-watching. The fact that you can get a beer here well before noon.

If there’s a trick to eating well on Key West, this may be it–don’t eat on Duval. The best meals we’ve had so far were elsewhere. The hard part is finding these places, but there are worse ways to spend your time than wandering the streets of Key West in the sunshine looking for your next meal or drink.


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