Amanda Harkins is fed up. The Lanier boys’ basketball team has been getting all the attention and money for way too long. The boys barely even won a game last season while the girls’ team almost made it to State.

But here she is again, fighting to practice in the good gym with the girls’ team, even though they signed up for it and the boys did not.

Amanda and her friends—Maddie and Dot—decide it’s time to take action. Amanda’s an aspiring activist and this is one wrong it’s past time to right. They challenge the boys to play a game for rights to the good gym. But Amanda wants to do more than just win. She wants revenge and she’ll go all-out to get it. One game. Boys against girls. The losers agree to quit the team and give up their whole season.

But has Amanda gone too far? Maddie’s got a dangerous secret that Amanda’s quest for revenge threatens to reveal. A missed season could cost Dot an athletic scholarship, her only chance to escape her family’s troubled past. Amanda thinks it’s justice she wants, but is she really trying get back at the boy who ditched her to become one of the popular kids? The three girls leave it all on the court to settle the question—what does it really take to be equal?