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Boot envy

By May 17, 20132 Comments

Regular readers know I have the very mildest cowboy boot obsession. I bought a pair back in January. Technically, I bought about 4 pairs in January as I sent successive sizes and widths back to Zappos in search of the perfect fit. Little did I know that really socks were the problem. With the warmer weather, I have found my cowboy boots are much more comfortable sans socks, preferably with a skirt. This is the way cowboy boots were meant to be worn–in warm weather and in full view.

Ariat cowboy boots

My boots

My husband has noticed, too. His conclusion, because he’s the best husband ever, is that they are admiring how good I look in my cowboy boots. My husband thinks almost everyone who looks at me is thinking about how good I look, and how can you not marry someone who believes that?

When I was in my twenties, I did not want cowboy boots. Even if I had wanted them, I wouldn’t have bought them. I would have taken one look at my calves in cowboy boots and decided that they were not meant for me. I have what I like to call a peasant build. This means my calves look kind of like someone cut the last part of a regular leg off and stuck a foot on the end. Truncated is the word I’m looking for.

I am a woman and so I  have spent too many minutes, hours and days in my lifetime worrying about what my body looks like. This is why when I see someone looking at me in my cowboy boots, I assume they are looking at my calves. I assume they are thinking how strange my legs look in boots.

But luckily, I am a 39 year old woman. I am a feminist. I have  a husband who believes by body is worthy of more ogling than he is capable of providing. So who cares why people are looking at me in my cowboy boots? Maybe it has nothing to do with my calves. Maybe no one much wheres cowboy boots around here. Or maybe, as I choose to believe, they’re wishing they had a pair of their own. Maybe it’s all about boot envy.

Our culture tries to tell you that getting older is a bad thing, but it’s a lie. Getting older means wearing cowboy boots, and how can that possibly be a bad thing?


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