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Blog In Place Hop: The big event

By May 18, 2011No Comments

Blog In Place

This weekend in Madison is the 6th Annual Ohio River Valley Folk Festival. Around here, we just call it the folk festival. The folk festival has been going on as long as I’ve been in Madison, and we’ve been in town for about the same amount of time.

The number of music festivals in Madison has been steadily increasing in the brief time I’ve been here, but the folk festival is still my favorite. I love the eclectic mix of music (folk festival board members have described their definition of “folk” music as any music made by folk, so you get a fairly broad spectrum) and the homey feel of the festival. Our now nine year old stepdaughter has been running around folk festival every year with a pack of her friends since she was, well, four or five (which is kind of hard to believe, but true), and we’re never particularly worried for her safety. The music is down in what’s now called Bicentennial Park (Madison’s bicentennial was in 2009, with a full year’s worth of celebration), which is right next to the river. If the music isn’t entertaining enough for you, you can watch the barge’s go by, which is satisfying in a way that suggests to me there’s a human predisposition towards slow travel by water. And of course, crucial to my enjoyment of almost any event or location, there’s good beer. The good folks at New Albanian brewery host a beer tent along with Upland Brewing Company from Bloomington.

I’ll be posting updates from folk festival (maybe not this weekend, as I’ll be busy hanging out in my camp chair and hopefully, doing some jamming myself), but in honor of my favorite Madison event, this week’s Blog In Place Hop asks: what’s your favorite local event? The summer festival/concert/parade/fair season has begun. What’s your favorite local happening?

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