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A Rumi poem

By April 17, 2013One Comment

Today, if I say any more, I will say too much. So here’s a Rumi poem a friend sent me when I told her about the poem in a pocket idea for National Poetry Month. Why not carry poems around in our pockets, just like cell phones? It’s just possible we need them more.

A Rumi poem

An ant hurries along a threshing floor with its wheat grain,

moving between huge stacks of wheat,
not knowing the abundance all around.

Courtesy National Geographic Society

It thinks its one grain is all there is to love.

So we choose a tiny seed to be devoted to.
This body, one path or one teacher.
Look wider and farther.

One Comment

  • Lindsey says:

    This poem is exactly how I have felt so many times in my dating life, only seeing the grain to which I clinged. Now, though, I seem to see all the grains but want to only see one! Ha!

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