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A list of things that will not be different tomorrow, no matter who wins….

By November 6, 2012No Comments

Okay, I said I wouldn’t write about the election, but I lied.  This post is mostly about providing some comfort for myself, but here’s hoping it provides you some comfort, too.

Things that will not be any different tomorrow, either way:

1.  The sun will rise and set.  I am almost 100% certain that this will happen under both Obama and Romney, and this is in spite of my already well-documented post-apocalypse paranoia.

2.  I will still have to get my daughter up and off to school in the morning.  Also, she will take the exact same amount of time to eat her waffles (it seems like about 30 minutes) and will probably still get out to the bus stop with exactly 24 seconds to spare before the bus pulls up.

3.  The leaves on the tree down the street will still be a lovely yellow, a little last burst of fall color before the naked, winter branches take over.

Our cats, oddly unaffected by election results

4.  My cats will continue, from time to time, to throw up on the floor.  This, I have learned, is unaffected by any external stimulus at all–type of cat food, use of “hair ball control” products, brushing, gentle coaxing, trips to the vet, or Presidential elections.

5.  I will still have papers to grade.  Even if the apocalypse comes, I will still have papers to grade.

6.  I will still have a six-pack of Three Floyd’s Alpha King waiting for me in our beer fridge.  Okay, this is perhaps a dicey one.  There’s a chance, depending on the results, that some member of our household might be seeking liquid comfort tonight, but I’m betting at least a couple beers will still be left.

7.  My mother and father will still love me.  I have almost forty years of experience now testing this, and I haven’t broken them yet.  I feel certain another election will not be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

8.  The river will keep flowing.  It sounds like a small thing, but if you’ve ever lived next to a river, you know what a wonderful blessing it is.

9.  There will still be plenty of things to complain about, if you’re so inclined.  See #4 and #6.

10.  I will still live in the lovely little town of Madison, Indiana, where we mostly do our best to be kind to each other regardless of how you vote.

Happy day after the election (and here’s hoping I’m not wrong about #1)!

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